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KDetail Plus cleans vehicle exteriors and interiors using a new and revolutionary steam system. The use of steam is eco-friendly plus it sanitizes as it cleans.

Our Twist Eco Car Wash steam system uses no harsh chemicals. It is safe for your vehicle and friendly to the environment.

Exterior Cleaning using only steam and a microfiber cloth. No scrubbing or polishing required.

Engine compartment cleaning and detailing.  Makes your engine look like new with no chemicals

and no greasy residue. 

Great for wheel detailing. Wheels and tires will shine again. No chemicals used, no stains

on clothing from tire dressing. 

Interior steam cleaning is safe for cloth and leather upholstery plus carpets.


Great for stain removal and sanitizing. 

Floormat cleaning gets rid of winter salt and stains and brings back the nap in the fabric. 

Safe for all vehicle electronics. Steam cleaning your vehicle interior will make it look like new again.

We’re located at: 1201 Fairview Street, in Burlington across from Mapleview Mall.

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